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Performance conditions:
  • The show takes place on a spot (better under the stage than on a stage), before the start it’s possible to walk around.
  • Where it can be performed: outdoors or indoors – flat surface min. 10×10 m (or smaller, but with impact on the quality of the performance)
  • Length of the performance: about 30–60 minutes (can be adjusted); preparation 60 min
  • Special effects: open fire, water
  • Number of performers: 4 people
  • Transport: VW Crafter 35 combi (7 m) + a trailer (8 m)
Street theatre based upon folk traditions, inspired by the Easter season. It is focused on the feast of the Sun’s return, coming of Spring with the traditional Easter customs from the old humankind’s history. The show uses a huge movable scene and props (2 metre Easter egg), metaphorical language and live music (ancient songs, children rhymes). It communicates with the audience and makes use of its willingness to play along so that the audience plays a part of the story.

The spectator will see a big colourful wagon loaded with a huge egg, its decoration, Easter customs, the coming of the Sun and burning of Morana, the symbol of winter and death. The show is suitable for fairs and feasts and especially for Easter celebrations, for both kids and grown-ups. It will entertain you, make you laugh and remind you of the ancient ways of celebrating the end of Winter and the return of life.

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