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Performance conditions:
  • The entire performance and its actors will move around the festival area or celebration place - e.g. among the visitors, stalls etc. - not on a stage.
  • Performance space: please consult the terrain with the theatre production; minimum indoors height is 4 m
  • Prop: huge farmer's wooden cart (circa 300 kg) – appx size: width 1,5 m - height 2 m - length 6 m
  • Light (in case of dark): 8× large pars (100 kW each - 4 lights on one stand, 4 on another), without filters
  • Sound equipment: appropriate for the estimated audience, microphones 4× in stands – 1× hand mike (instruments: violin, mandolin, guitar, drum), 1× head microphone
  • Performance length: circa 30-180 minutes (can be adjusted to your wishes – a whole-day walk…)
  • Preparation: 180 minutes
  • Number of performers: 3–6 persons
  • Technicians: 2 persons
  • Transport: VW Crafter 35 van (7 m) + trailer (8 m)


Large 4 m puppets (tall figures on actors' backs and on a huge cart) are dancing, music is playing, here and there a straw figure appears. You might meet someone you've never met before, someone you only know from your dreams. You'll meet masks that are common to all Czech and Moravian carnivals - fashanks. It is possible to customize the show to your carnival with respect to the costumes, masks etc. The performace is inspired by situations that take place on our carnivals. A performance suitable for every carnival, drinking party, feast and all other kinds of festivities. It embraces joy, humour, lightness and, above all, a big part of our predecessors' customs.

We can play the show in one place or, of course, as it should be - in the form of a walk.

We play carnival songs on violin, mandolin (guitar), drum and rhythm instruments and sing. It's not the classical brass music or an accordion player, but they can play along with us. We can also take part in your carnival procession or join other masks.

Masks – large puppets (circa 2-3 metres): a piebald, a bear with his master, horse, beldame, chimneysweeper, straw man, the Reaper and others as a surprise…

The show itself contains: carnival dance, bear dance with women, horse dressage, slitting of the horse and its revival with liquor, shooting of the bear, beldame dressage etc.

Props: huge and small cart with large carnival puppets, when carts stop, our actors play out scenes with them. During the walk the actors themselves impersonate carnival figures, while some are still on the carts, making so the spectacle more varied and attractive.

Apart from the show, we also offer a workshop for kids „Carnival Masks“ – circa 50-90 minutes. Kids can make a simple paper masks for free - we provide them with pre-printed stencils which they can colour. We add a rubber band and kids can take the mask or put it onto the mask altar on the cart (and take pictures of themselves with masks). We provide scissors, colour pencils, staplers, rubber bands - we just need some tables or other place for kids to make their masks. If you can get more of the stationery, all the better. Our experience tells us that for kids, the workshop is the highlight of the show... You can also make more complicated masks here – from papier-mâché, on a clay hoof etc. – techniques that we show at the workshop. Moreover, we bring a small gallery of masks to see.

The workshop is on demand and is paid as an extra. It's best to start it right after the show.

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