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Performance conditions:
  • Where it can be performed: circa 25×25 m of flat terrain suitable for playing with 4 m burning puppets (maximum height is 6 m). Indoor performance is possible where large fire doesn’t matter. We have our own fence. Please consult the terrain with the theatre beforehand
  • Preparations: 4 hours, disassembly 1–2 hours
  • Electricity: 220 V within 50 metres
  • Sound equipment: suitable for the number of expected spectators, a CD player
  • Length of the performance: about 20–30 minutes (shorter or longer – 45 min – version on request)
  • Performance start: much better after dark, can start at dusk
  • Street lights: turned out min. 15 minutes before the show start
  • Recommendation: fireman + extinguisher
  • Number of performers: 5 + 1 persons
  • Transport: VW Crafter 35 combi (7 m) + a trailer (8 m)
Dreamy, fire puppet alternative show played with large shining butterflies – 6 m2. The place: blooming meadow full of butterflies, flowers growing up to 6 m, large flying butterflies. The story: a caterpillar turns into a cocoon and a butterfly comes to life…

The performance had its premiere in Mantova, Italy at an international festival Segni d’Infanzia in 2009. A short story of a life on a meadow in full bloom and a butterfly that appeared there – came out of a cocoon, which a caterpillar turned into after it gulped down a leaf of a giant clover.

Visually elaborate performance makes use of world unique fire-outline puppets. These gigantic puppets and the way they are operated is Kvelb Theatre’s trademark and speciality ever since the aFlame performance.

The show is suitable for children and grown-ups alike and brings an awe-inspiring experience of a poetic story, drawn into the darkness by lively fire flames.

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