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Performance conditions:
  • Space needed: about 8–15 m wide, depth 5–8 m, height 3–6 m – any terrain (consult with the theater production) suitable for performing with puppets, can be played indoors
  • If played on stage: stage preferably with anti-slip plates suitable for manipulation with 4–6 m puppets. Size of the stage: the bigger the better, 5 × 3 × 3 m is a minimum. The height of the stage depends on the organizer, for the spectators’ comfort about 1.5 m high stage is advisable.
  • Ensure: barriers for the audience – a tape or a rope are unsuitable for a larger audience, metal barriers are preferable
  • Setting the scene: 3–4 hours, scene clearance: 30–150 minutes
  • Electricity: 3× 230 V within 5 meters
  • Sound equipment: suitable for the intended audience, CD player (MP3 / DVD)
  • Running time: 25–30 minutes (we can also play a longer or shorter version)
  • Needs to be played in the dark
  • Street lighting must be off least 1–5 minutes before performance, ensure it is as dark as possible!
  • Materials used: performance uses large-sized sculptures coated with phosphor stripes and UV strips (safe, sold commercially)
  • Transport: VW Crafter 35 combi + a trailer
  • Number of performers: 3–6

Rays (Paprsky)

phosphorescent light show

A performance where giant puppets using phosphorescent and partly UV lights create a fantastic visual show. Thanks to the use of Stickman puppets this is the only show of its kind in the world, blending together magic lights with recorded progressive music.

In front of your eyes, a story of a man unfolds – a story which is also a meditation on the birth of mankind, its mission and its eventual end… The outlines of objects and characters glow in the dark, so the performance looks as if it’s been sketched with a highlighter pen on a paper; however, our version is huge – and 3D.

The symbols of an arrow, of energy and a human could conjure up a formula of our metaphysical theatrical performance.

Darkness is crucial for the show – the more dark it is, the more you see. The space is important, too, because the larger space we use, the more details you will see…

Enjoy the play and don’t be afraid of darkness or the lights in it, because both darkness and light are your creators, and if not, they definitely are your future…

Download hi-res photos for print: first / second / third
Watch a video here or here (YouTube opens in a new window)