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Conditions for the performance
Space for the show: Since some actors are on high stilts, consult the terrain with the performance producer, minimum height indoors is 3.2 m
Length: cca 30 minutes (can be adjusted); preparation 60 minutes
Transport: VW LT 35 van + a trailer
Performers: 5 people
Comedians' Cart
Comedians' stroll through the streets. Players on high stills push their cart even through the places where no path leads. Jolly music can be heard, juggling and dancing on stilts can be seen etc. The cart shelters not only a puppet theatre but also other surprises. The cart stops for a stand, the curtain opens and the joker performs a mischief, a trick, a joke. Puppeteers on stilts pull marionettes on the cart in one moment and over on your shoulder in another.

This performance is the first modern puppet series of its kind. Here the actors made sure they have an audience – they carry along a pre-paid spectator – Mr. First Row. Comedians' Cart won't run you over, it will stretch your smile and warm up your hands.

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