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Performance conditions:
  • Where it can be performed: street, town square, a playground or similar space (halls, large corridors)
  • Required space for the tricycle: length with a trailer 8 m, tricycle alone 5 m, max. width 2 m, max. height 3.5 m, outdoor performance, but can be played indoors (a common stage is unacceptable!)
  • Length of the performance: about 50 minutes
  • Preparations: 3 hours, disassembly takes 1 hour
  • Performance start: better to be played at daylight; after dark upon agreement (tricycle equipped with lights)
  • Other requirements: accompaniment (police guard or organizers)
  • Number of performers: 5 people
  • Transport: VW Crafter 35 combi + a trailer (8 m)
Nautrilus ZUM
A street performance on the move – a giant tricycle with a trailer, put into motion by 4–5 performers on stilts (chain gear movement). The tricycle is equipped with a bathroom, toilet, water heater, stove, parasol, bar, fire extinguishing equipment etc. It is also fully electrified – it has reflectors, blinkers etc.

In the act, several academic travellers set off for an exloration trip, this time into your territory – to find whether it is of any use. It is difficult for them to cope up with morning hygiene, washing themselves, measuring people’s heads, going to toilet, listening to people, starting fire in the stove and serving in the kitchen. They relax by doing sports etc. Fortunately enough, they have an experienced guide – JOE… It is possible to experience a tricycle ride, bar show, shower wash, starting a fire in the stove, exotic animals, the war of beans, firemen exercise, songs…

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