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Performance conditions:
  • Arrange a newspaper article about the event where Kvelb Theatre is namely mentioned.
  • Where it can be performed: terrain suitable for the size of the puppet and its required movements
  • Space required for preparation: minimum of circa 10×10×10 m, parking-lot type area suitable for truck manoeuvres, without cables hanging over the place
  • Puppet dimensions: height circa 3 m, width circa 2 m, length 8–10 m
  • Preparations:
    - on the rope: 5 hours puppet and ropes + 2 hours soundcheck and lights, disassembly 2 hours
    - on the wheels: 3 hours puppet + 2 hours soundcheck and lights, disassembly 1 hour
  • Electricity: 380 V and 220 V within 10 metres
  • Length of the performance: about 60 minutes (can be 10–60–120 minutes during the whole day)
  • Special effects: open fire, smoke, pyro effect
  • Performance start: at daylight or at night, also can start at dusk
  • Requirements: find suitable places for mounting the ropes or the support columns. Make sure there are no cables in the air etc. on the dragon’s path!
  • Number of performers: 4–5 people
  • Technicians: 5–6 people
  • Transport: VW Crafter 35 combi (7 m) + a trailer (8 m)
The Dragon
Do you want to see a real Dragon with your own eyes? It is 10 metres long, he can fly up high, flap its wings, kick its legs, spit fire and smoke – either in the air or while walking on solid ground. “Dragon” is a big performance with one or more giant puppets.

Huge moving puppet is an actor that cannot be overseen. It can play a particular role in a story or perform its own show – in a park on Children’s day where he flies over the heads of spectators to show what he can do or as a surprise present at a birthday party. The puppet can spit fire, fly, it can stand rain or several weeks under rough climate. It can move on wheels on solid surface or hang on a rope, it is fireproof.

We have several similar puppets and custom puppets can be made upon your wish. We can also perform a giant theatre circus with the puppets, or play a story for the given occasion.

Dragon is suitable for both kids and grown-ups, for both the day and the night.

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