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Conditions for the performance
Space for the show: 2x2 m, indoors or outdoors

Electricity: 230 V within 50 m (and 400 V upon arrangement)

Length: cca 40–50 minutes; preparation 80 mins, stage disassembly 30 mins

Transport: VW LT 35 van

Performers: 2 people
How the little Czech Gaspar punished the evil director, or, How the water sprite played the street organ and the devil boiled his head in a kettle
Come and see the original traditional Czech puppet theatre as remembered by our grandmas and grandpas. You will see a story of Little Gaspar, escaping from the evil show director and taking the animals with him. The director makes complices with Vagner the cop and Graubner the game-keeper and sets out to follow them. The animals with Little Gaspar flee to an enchanted forest where they meet a water sprite and a devil... What happens next we will not reveal but be sure of a haaaappy ending...

Palm-size puppets used to entertain people in their homes, barns, mills, gardens, pubs or schools long time ago. Our entire puppet theatre is a heritage from our actor’s grandpa, who watched it as a kid and later played it and added more puppets. We wanted to keep the theathre as close to the original as possible, including props and sounds.

We mended the theatre with the help of the town of Ceske Budejovice, which financially backed our efforts, and now we are only waiting for your call – little Gaspar is eager to show you what the director and his complices deserve...

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