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Conditions for the performance
  • Arrange a newspaper text about the event, where the organizer namely mentions the appearance of Kvelb Theatre.
  • Space for the performance: A large square or a parking lot-type area (where a large truck can comfortably turn around). Can also be played indoors if the ceiling is at least 13 m high
  • Electricity: 230 V a 400/380 V within 50 m
  • Duration: cca 30 minutes (can be 10–50minut), puppet preparation: 3 hours, disassembly 60 minutes
  • Start of the performance: can be played at daylight, but preferably after dark or begin at dusk
  • Make sure that the route the puppet takes is clear (with the help of the police)
  • The performance must not be disturbed by music, a speaker etc.!!!
The Hope of Nativity
Have you ever seen a real Angel with your own eyes? NO? Come and see this one! Who knows if this is the right one, but he surely is a one to be seen. A performance and show of a 13 metre tall puppet. The Angel dances, greets people, flaps his wings and wishes all the best. He is the tallest one of all who descended to the Earth among the mortals. Will his fleet arrive, too? They should sing about enouncement? The music of Heaven.

Take all your family to watch and taste the lightness of blue Infinity.

Get hi-resolution photos here:
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Watch videos of the day show here or on YouTube and of the night show here or on YouTube (both open in new windows)