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Performance conditions:
  • The entire performance takes place at a single spot, but it's possible to walk around the location (e.g. the town centre) before the start.
  • Space needed: outdoors – flat surface, optimally 7 m × 7 m, preferably not on a stage, but a spotlit place where the performace takes place
  • Lights:6× large PAR reflectors (1000 W each) with racks, and everything else that is needed to light the performace
  • Sound: only needed when huge audience is expected – 2× hand microphone (or, preferably, microports) + adequate equipment to provide sound to the space and audience in question
  • Performance length: circa 30–60 minutes (adjustable); preparation: 60 minutes
  • Number of performers: 3–4 persons
  • Important: it is necessary to arrange for safe guarding the performance place itself – we have props stored around. Also, it is necessary to provide room for the arrival of angels' flying machines
  • Fence: in case of larger audience it is advisable to build fences around the performance spot

The Advent on Wheels

"advent and christmas customs"

The Advent on Wheels is a performance of The Advent on Wheels is a performance of songs, customs and moods of the festive season. Effortlessly, it avoids liturgical and religious themes, but brings forth the basic questions of the pure heart at the festive time with humour and grace. You can angels (live actors without stilts) on their heavenly vehicles (two of them with huge wings – one of them made from old bicycles). Some of them will come on a giant tricycle for three passengers or on a small tricycle, some of them on a double-decker bike, another one arrives on an old bicycle, dragging an enormous machine with all the props that the angels will need. Among these, there's a small puppet theatre stage, in which a Christmas elf will appear (big wooden puppets) and calls on the angels to remind children of the customs of the season.

Angels need children from the audience to assist them all the time, making them a part of the play – but they never force them. Besides other things, they give presents and make chaos of everything around. At the beginning of the performance, the angels arrive on their flying machines to the stage, made of four pedestals and two partitions, and park the vehicles there – these will then become a part of the scene, an image of "a piece of Heaven on Earth". The show combines the best of street, fair and puppet theatre.

The white commando will help to enliven a parade or a procession, a fair or any other advent feast – don’t let them elsewhere, invite them to your place and they’ll bring their giant Angel theatre on wheels…

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