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Conditions for the performance
Space for the performance: Since some actors are on stilts, consult the terrain with the performance producer, minimum height indoors is 3.2 m
Length: about 50 minutes (can be adjusted); preparation 50 minutes
Transport: Volkswagen LT 35 van
Number of actors:5 - 6 people
The Zany Family
A classic street performance, a trip among people in the guise of a loony family that finds itself in an unknown town and immediately starts dealing with the situation. An undisciplined grandfather, an overgrown infant, a promiscuous widow, and a slightly senile old mother wearing their Sunday clothes walk down the street creating improvised situations, mischief and conflicts - with and without musical accompaniment.
The son must perform puppet theatre, the widow gets married to an unknown man from the public, they look for a doctor in order to revive their grandfather who had a heart attack after getting sexually excited, grandma craps herself, the hair-brained uncle cannot get the vacuum cleaner started, etc. In short, a zany look at a weird family.

Street and fairground theatre elements are utilized in the performance. It has a dose of both black and light-hearted humour. You don’t know what to do in a strange town? Don’t know what to do with your family? Come and take a look!

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