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Conditions for the performance
Space for the show: Since some actors are on high stilts, consult the terrain with the performance producer, minimum height indoors is 4 m
In case of frost and snow, we recommend to salt the performance space to avoid ground glaze!
During the performance, the actors will walk around the festival/fair, among people or stalls – NOT on a stage.
Length: cca 30–40 minutes (can be adjusted); preparation 60 minutes
Transport: VW LT 35 van + a trailer
Performers: 4 people
A Christmas Advent coming of several Angels, dancing on stilts to the tones of jingle bells, cymbals and bells. Angels on stilts, with large wings, are dragging a huge sleigh. They sing to the sound of jingle bells and anounce new notices from their "boss" – God – to people: they should be nice to each other (acted out by puppets), they should be diligent and strong (dragging the sleigh) etc. This half-dance, half-theatre performance lets you know that Christmas is knocking on your door. The Angels may also bring you gifts (fairytales, snow…). The Advent of Angels contains features of street, marketplace and puppet theatre. It contains black humour and light-manner acting of strolling players.

The Angels can dance in a parade, on a fair or at any other Christmas occassion – don't let them fly away, invite them to your town!

Download hi-res photos: first | second | third
Watch videos here and here (both in new windows)