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...kvelb, -u m [n] archaic
1. arched room; storage room 2. a shop
(dictionary of foreign words)

Kvelb Theatre is a professional independent theatre - a group of artists, that bring together theatrical, visual arts and other forms. It is a puppet, alternative and street theatre, a travelling troupe of jesters, dramatic, movement and visual theatre, a whirlwind of masked creatures... Soaked with humour, hyperbole and original scenic expression, Kvelb offers an original, unimitable interpretation of human visions that exceed the usual, everyday perception of artwork and the life of an individual as such.

Kvelb Theatre was founded in 1997 and since 2000 it has resided in Ceske Budejovice. The year 2000 is also the year when the theatre got the shape it has today, when it entered the professional art world and the main protagonists of the troupe started cooperating.

We play all over Europe, the means and results of our work are nonverbal, comprehensible by anyone from any part of the planet – both children and grown-ups. We like to experiment, we can create "anything". We do everything ourselves - the design and building of the stage, puppets and all other creative and art work, we work with all elements of theatrical language and try to discover new ones.

For us, theatre is a way of asking question, a way of searching and finding, it is our "ability to move (or create, if you wish) freely, which we communicate and hand over by playing". It is our decision to accept answers to questions in spite of the fact that it doesn't solve them.

For us, theatre is a means of expressing what world and society we live in, a personal identification and also a way of making living.

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